Patient Praise

We pride ourselves on providing the perfect combination of clinical expertise and genuine care to all of our patients. Our physical therapy practice possesses a strong community reputation that sets us apart and makes us the rehabilitation choice for doctors and patients alike.

If you would like to submit a testimonial for us to share, please feel free to email us at or fill out a testimonial form in our office before or after your next appointment. 

We appreciate every one of our patients and would love to hear from you.

John says...

"I've entrusted Beach & Foster Physical Therapy to heal from 3 very serious injuries: my back, my knee, and my arm. With each injury, Beach & Foster took the appropriate care and steps to ensure that my recovery would be effective and timely. Offering an open and friendly atmosphere, Beach & Foster is the place to go for all of your Physical Therapy needs."

Kathy says...

"All of the people at Oakdale Physical Therapy are wonderful. Greg is especially kind and caring. He knows exactly what to do to ease my aches and pains. He encourages me to always take the next step, but he knows when I have reached my limit. I am grateful for the improvements he has brought to my life."

Elizabeth says...

"My family and I have been clients at Beach & Foster Physical Therapy for many years. Because my children and I are double-jointed (hypermobile) and are very athletic people, we frequently experience orthopedic injuries. The committed and talented team at Beach & Foster always returned us to full function – often quite stronger than when we started. In 2010, I was in a car accident that seriously impeded my ability to walk and left me functionally incontinent when I tried. By early 2011, I couldn't lift my left leg. It was a struggle to look up or down. My right shoulder was pulled forward and I was living with constant nerve pain in my head, neck and right arm. I couldn't walk more than an eighth of a mile and I was incontinent all day. I was finally given a diagnosis for the problem in September 2012: because I am double jointed, I sustained "whiplash" in my abdomen. As a result, several of the muscles necessary for walking and standing were effectively stuck together. It was a really unusual injury – but I had a fabulous physical therapist to help me overcome it. I am happy to say that, as of December 2015, I am pain free with limited issues with incontinence – I still believe that the possibility exists that I will run again. I credit Greg Beach and the amazing team at Beach & Foster for my recovery. An "atypical" injury requires different approaches to therapy. Greg devised innovative solutions to isolate specific muscles. He aligned his creative recommendations with those proposed by the physician who diagnosed me and helped me devise an individualized exercise regimen that allowed me to relearn how to stand and walk. Greg's mastery of active release techniques for soft tissue movement has been instrumental in reducing the pain I was living with and creating the opportunity for my injured muscles to learn how to slide smoothly again. I honestly question if I would have the outcomes I currently enjoy were I under the care of any other physical therapist. There were days when Greg's commitment to getting better far exceeded mine. It was his enthusiasm and patience that motivated me to keep trying after several setbacks. Greg Beach and the warm, supportive team at Beach & Foster Physical Therapy have given me my life back. I heartily recommend their services."