We believe in an innovative and scientific approach to the management, treatment, and prevention of orthopedic injuries. Our rehabilitation services are available to treat a wide variety or orthopedic injuires and chronic conditions.

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We are experts in sports recovery - from sprained ankles to torn tendons, we help young and old athletes overcome injuries so that they can get back on the field, court, track, or bar, and play to their full potential.

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Injured on the job? Uncomfortable or having work related aches and pains? Our innovative physical therapy techniques, expertise, and recommended workplace modifications, will help you get back to business.

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Speed up the paperwork process.

It's called physical therapy - be prepared to be active. Why not start by being proactive? If you are a new patient or a returning patient with a new condition, please click here to download and fill out our patient questionnaire before your appointment.


Be your best. Remember to stretch.

Here at Beach and Foster Physical Therapy we believe in creating custom treatment programs to meet each patient's specific needs. In addition to your treatment, you may given a stretching and exercise program to follow at home to aid in your recovery process.


We assure you you're insured.

We participate in a large number of popular health plans. Visit our Insurance page or call our office for the most updated list. We also offer comprehensive wellness programs for patients with insufficient or no insurance coverage.